A Better Tent City Living Report March 26

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In memory of Ron Doyle, the willing landlord at Lot42.
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To review the generative questions about the future of ABTC open this presentation.

A year ago, A Better Tent City was established in response to the crisis of homelessness and poverty striking Waterloo Region and the City of Kitchener concurrently with the COVID lockdown. It started with a goal to support 42 (as in Lot42) unsheltered people to have a safe and temporary home during the pandemic but it has grown into so much more since March 2020. Social Development Centre Waterloo Region joined since the day one as a philanthropic partner receiving and disbursing community donations for the needs of the ABTC settlement. 

What is a living report? It is real people sharing real stories about what they know to be true from their experiences being homeless, helping homeless, and dealing with precarious housing. What is working? What isn’t working and why?

Our Focus is the Journey of A BETTER TENT CITY from an idea to a reality and what is needed next for this reality to thrive and innovate the transitional housing and shelter infrastructure of our neighbourhoods so no one is denied this basic human right of a home. TOGETHER WE CAN LEARN & THRIVE!

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