Demand for accommodation is high and vacancies are low. If you are struggling to find housing and need some help, there are a number of groups that provide housing search assistance that you can turn to. Some of these services are for specific populations such as students, newcomers, and youth.

Even if you have housing, you may still run into difficulties. As a tenant, you will want to learn about your rights and responsibilities. To do so you can contact the Landlord and Tenant Board, the Renters Education and Networking Together (RENT), and/or Waterloo Region Community Legal Services.

Subsidized Housing

Subsidized housing is also known as rent-geared-to-income housing, Community Housing, and Ontario Housing.

Application forms are available for you to pick up at 7 Housing Access Sites across Waterloo Region. Each site has the same general application form that covers most of the subsidized housing locations within Waterloo Region. You may request specific housing locations, however, this may make your wait longer.

Once you apply, your application goes into a centralized waiting list. You can find information about the length of this waiting list and your position on it by calling one of the Housing Access Sites. Once on the list, call the Housing Access Sites if any of your contact information changes, so that they are able to contact you when your name reaches the top.

There are also some housing locations that are not part of this system. They have separate application forms and waiting lists. If you are interested in looking into these options, you can inquire at the Housing Access Sites.

Market Rate Housing

Another option to explore is market rate housing. To find these places, try checking out the local newspapers and community advertising papers. Many of these papers are available at places such as the libraries and SPCKW/CICWR, or even online. Sometimes there are bulletin boards at grocery stores, laundry mats and other community places that advertise available apartment units. There are also internet web sites with housing listings that you could search for. If you do not have internet access, you can use it for free at one of the region’s community internet access sites.

There are also several companies that specialize in matching people with suitable rental properties. While some of these companies will provide the service to you for free, others may charge a finders fee. Always ask up front about any costs.

An additional house-hunting method that is often overlooked is networking. Tell everyone you know that you are looking for housing. Ask them to let you know as soon as they spot a sign in a window, or hear of someone giving up their apartment, so that you can call right away. Your church, your parent and child group, your self-help group and any groups or associations you are involved with, are valuable connections to the community and may be able to provide you with information.

Once you’ve finally found a place you can afford, you may find that you cannot afford to pay the first and last months rent upfront. This inability to pay upfront can greatly limit your housing options; however, there are places you can turn to for help. There is an organization in Waterloo Region called the Rent Bank that will help you out by loaning you your first and last month’s rent. To contact the Rent Bank, call The Housing Action Centre at 519-743-2460 (Kitchener) or 519-623-9380 (Cambridge).

Transglobe Property Management

phone: 519-310-7000

The Property Rental Centre

phone: 519-579-9413


John Howard Society of Waterloo-Wellington, Community Programmes, Cambridge Career Connections, Housing Help Centre

Cambridge Place, 3-73 Water St N, Cambridge

phone: 622-0815

Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Centre

102 King St W, Kitchener

phone: 745-2531 (admin), 745-2593 (interpreters)

Kitchener-Waterloo YMCA, YMCA Cross Cultural and Community Services, Immigrant Settlement and Adaptation Program

800 King St W, Kitchener

phone: 579-9622

Landlord and Tenant Board

200 King St W, Main Flr, Kitchener

phone: 1-888-332-3234

Lutherwood, Employment Services, The Housing Action Centre

165 King St E, Kitchener

phone: 743-2460


99 Regina St S, Box 1633, Waterloo

University of Waterloo, Housing Administration

Village 1, 200 University Ave W, Waterloo

phone: 888-4567 ext 35725 (off campus housing), 888-4567 ext 32679 (housing admin)

Waterloo Region Community Legal Services

170 Victoria St S, Kitchener

phone: 743-0254

Waterloo Region Community Legal Services

Cambridge Self Help Food Bank, 54 Ainslie St S, Cambridge

phone: 743-0254

Subsidized Housing

Cambridge Kiwanis Village Nonprofit Housing Corporation, The Cambridge Kiwanis Towne Centre

1195 King St E, Cambridge

phone: 650-5437

House of Friendship of Kitchener, Residential Services, Eby Village Nonprofit Housing

50 Eby St S, Kitchener

phone: 570-2400

Shamrock Cooperative Homes Inc

446 Kingscourt Dr, Waterloo

phone: 746-7921

Waterloo Regional Homes for Mental Health Inc

618 King St W, Kitchener

phone: 742-3191

Waterloo Region. Planning, Housing and Community Services, Waterloo Region Community Housing

385 Fairway Rd S, Ste 201, Kitchener

phone: 575-4800

150 Main St, Cambridge

phone: 575-4800

Housing Access Sites

Cambridge Kiwanis Village Non-Profit Housing

1195 King St E, Cambridge, N3H 5N5


Eby Village (House of Friendship)

50 Eby St S, Kitchener, N2G 3L1


Shamrock Cooperative Homes Inc.

446 Kingscourt Dr, Waterloo, N2K 3R9


Waterloo Regional Homes for Mental Health Inc

618 King St W, Kitchener N2G 1C8


YWCA Lincoln Road Apartments

155 Lincoln Rd, Waterloo, N2J 4S7


Young Women's Christian Association of Kitchener-Waterloo, Housing, Lincoln Road Nonprofit Housing

155 Lincoln Rd, Waterloo

phone: 747-2200