Board of Directors 2016-2017

1st year of third two year term: 

Malcolm Waisman 

Malcolm is a Chartered Accountant and a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario and is currently the Treasurer. He works with MNP LLP and specializes in the audits of credit unions, first nations, not-for-profit organizations, and manufacturing and distribution clients. His exposure to a variety of clients gives him a broad perspective on how to implement internal controls and information technology solutions in different organizations and he is pleased to be able to apply this knowledge in support of the Social Development Centre. 


1st year of second two year term:

Barbara Spronk 

Barbara is a retired university educator who has been actively involved in the Poverty Free K-W group and Network of Women's Groups. She is also a member of the KW Canadian Federation of University of Women. Barbara is keen to get more involved in the Social Development Centre because she believes in the work we do and the value this has for the community. 

Iliana Pressman 

Iliana is a keen community advocate who works with survivors of trauma and abuse and is active with a number of community advisory and advocacy groups. She helps to provide a gender equity lens for the work of the Social Development Centre and looks forward to learning more about the governing of community non-profit organizations.


New appointments – 1st year of a first 2 year term

Carol Motuz 

Having retired after many years working in the federal government, Carol wants to become more involved in seeking solutions to social problems, and building relationships and infrastructure to support social action, inclusion, diversity, and social development in Kitchener-Waterloo.  She has relocated to Kitchener after eight years volunteering in India. Her myriad of skills and experience make her a talented addition to the Board.   

Devon Sivill

As a lawyer and human rights advocate, Devon has a passionate interest in and commitment to fostering social development through advancing the social justice mandate. He recognizes that SDC strives to foster the creation of strong community or communities through a holistic approach to community participation. Joining the SDC Board represents the opportunity for him to utilize his advocacy skills for the benefit of my new community; the Waterloo Region.

Myron Steinman 

A long time Kitchener resident, Myron believes non-partisan community organizations such as SDC that build trust in social development and public engagement have a significant role, especially in time of societal change. He is an advocate for a compassionate and just society and has lived experience with poverty and empowerment, being involved in many community organizations, including the Poverty Free Action Group and the Disabilities and Human Rights Group

Nicole K.

Nicole is a social development studies graduate and is PASSIONATE about social justice issues; community-building through education, community engagement, and action research; as well as a multitude of other causes and activities that I believe help to make our societies and us as individuals, stronger and healthier. Nicole volunteers with the neighbourhood associations and Community Justice Initiatives and sees joining SDC as an opportunity to use my strengths towards helping the community to grow, while also gaining a great deal of insight into all that Waterloo Region has to offer.


Board Members Who Are Continuing a Term: 

2nd year of sixth two year term

Nathan Pike 

Nathan is Vice President and General Manager of a small distribution firm in Kitchener and has extensive experience in global trade and international finance.  Nathan has been a member of the Social Development Centre Board since June 2005 and is currently Secretary, notably the best secretary in the region.  Since joining the Board Nathan has a better understanding of the need for continued innovation, collaboration and investment in the non-profit sector. He believes there is substantial value in the services provided by organizations such as the Social Development Centre. 


2nd year of second two year term:

Arlene Garrick 

Arlene Garrick joined the Board in fall of 2012 and, as a recent immigrant to Canada, is using this volunteer experience to help her to integrate and involve herself in her new community. Arlene also volunteers with the Literacy Group of Region of Waterloo and the LINK Picnic Festival.  She has 20 years of experience as an educator in areas including tourism & hospitality, customer service, human resource management, critical thinking and collaborative learning.


2nd year of first two year term:

Brad Ullner 

Brad discovered an outlet for his academic background in Political Science through the policy perspective employed at the Social Development Centre: policy discussions (at all levels of government) ought to include the people most affected by the policy. Brad has worked with community groups and agencies, mostly related to disability issues. He has been active in both the Disabilities and Human Rights Group and the Poverty Free K-W Action Group and in related projects since June 2004.