Board of Directors 2020-2021

Barbara Spronk - Chair

Barbara has been a member of a number of boards, at the university and national levels, and chair of several of them. She also, in England, spent six years as Executive Director of a nongovernmental organization devoted to promoting innovative education approaches in many of the world's poverty zones. Two years ago, she had to interrupt serving as a President of the Board of the SDC and decided to come back and put her skills to good use: research, teaching and training, management, board membership and leadership, mentoring.


Nathan Pike - Treasurer

Nathan is Vice President and General Manager of a small distribution firm in Kitchener and has extensive experience in global trade and international finance.  Nathan has been a member of the Social Development Centre Board since June 2005.  Since joining the Board Nathan has a better understanding of the need for continued innovation, collaboration and investment in the non-profit sector. He believes there is substantial value in the services provided by organizations such as the Social Development Centre. 


Brad Ullner - Director

Brad discovered an outlet for his academic background in Political Science through the policy perspective employed at the Social Development Centre: policy discussions (at all levels of government) ought to include the people most affected by the policy. Brad has worked with community groups and agencies related to disability and human rights. He has been active in both the Disabilities and Human Rights Group and the Poverty Free K-W Action Group and in many related initiatives since June 2004.


Ambika Opal - Director

Ambika has been a member of the Social Development Centre's Board since June 2018, and is a master's student at the Balsillie School of International Affairs in Waterloo. She is passionate about systems change, support for newcomers, climate action, and using technology to make positive social impact. Ambika highly values the SDC's approach to social inclusion and community dialogue, and continues to learn immensely from the diverse people who are a part of the SDC.


Debra Brown - Director 

After spending 17 years in social services in Cambridge, Debra and family made the move to Kitchener. With a career in community development and an aspiration to help those experiencing poverty, Debra brings her experience in not for profit partnerships and programs to the SDCWR. 


Myron Steinman - Director

Myron understands himself as a thinker, a doer and a campaigner.  I get energy by being with others, although ultimately, I need time by myself to re-charge. My greatest strength is I “believe” in people. Everyone is worthy of being treated with dignity and respect. Each person has something to contribute. I have hope people are resilient and can overcome obstacles. Choice and pace are important. Organizations like the Social Development Centre Waterloo Region (SDCWR) are concerned with helping people participate, do things, focus on goals and share with vision and direction. 

Bob Jonkman,  Director
Laura Hamilton, Director
Ayiko Solomon, Director