Call Out: Pedestrian Feedback on ION

Aug 30 2017

LocationDescriptionWe are asking for your feedback about specific pedestrian access points along the ION Light Rail Transit (LRT) route. We will compile your feedback and share it with the community and local decision makers.  The Social Development Centre Waterloo Region, in collaboration with members of the Disabilities and Human Rights Group, has developed this map showing all locations where tracks cross pedestrian access. The intention is to better understand pedestrians’ experience (on foot or wheels) of this new infrastructure. You can either give your general input throug this short survey, or open the map we created and give feedback on specific crossings along the ION route. If you have questions about this project or difficulties accessing the map and/or feedback form contact Grace Scheele, Social Development Centre Waterloo Region at 519-579-3800 or

See the instructions below how to use the map.

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You can find a location through 'Search' button (the mangifying glass icon), or by selecting points of your choice on the map (sidewalk, intersection, pedestrian pathway, station or informal crossing).

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You can see the information about each point on the map when you click on its pin. A window will open with the information and the link to the feedback survey.

Pedestrian Crossing Survey