Poverty Reduction

Transit Service as a Basic Human Right

Apr 30 2017

Alive Blog PhotoSocial Development Centre is pleased to be an ally for Awareness of Low Income Voices. We hosted our first meeting with them, the topic for the meeting was the GRT new fare boxes and Easy Go Card. Gethyn Beniston, project manager for electronic fare systems for the Region of Waterloo, provided information and heard much from ALIVE(e) members. The group was vocal regarding the needs of low-income and persons with disabilities during the transition to the new fare systems.

We Can Help with Electricity Bill Relief

Jan 18 2016

Electricity Bill Relief We are a local agent to assist with applications to get help to cover the cost of electricity for low income families. Our intake workers can answer your questions, check your eligibility and help you fill out the application. To make an appointment call our community HelpLine 519-579-3800.

Consultation: Labour Law Changes

Jun 5 2015

Ontario has launched public consultations on the Labour Laws Reform: The Changing Workplace Review. Input from communities and groups will be collected until September 18th. The list of public input sessions will be updated at the Ministry of Labour website

The consultation will consider how the Labour Relations Act, 1995 and Employment Standards Act, 2000 could be updated to best protect workers while supporting businesses in the changing economy.

Join the ongoing conversation in your community or start conversations with people around you! 

Ontario's Omnibus Budget Bill-91

May 25 2015

Presenting a complex set of legislative changes through the budget process confuses the issue of what is being done. The volume of intended changes presented in legal language in a short time frame does not allow for fair and sufficient review. Those affected by the legislative changes can’t be confident that they understand what is being done which does not build their trust in government representatives. Social Planning Council of Kitchener-Waterloo reviewed some of the poverty related items in Bill-91 and you can read our submission to the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs here.

Decent Lives Community Forum May 1

Apr 8 2015

Decent Lives Community ForumInterested in a Civic Declaration created from the ground up with citizens and local leaders to create a community of shared opportunity for everyone? Join a discussion about decent work and decent income through supports geared to the needs of people at different life stages. The authors of the paper Creating Communities of Shared Opportunity across Ontario, Marvyn Novick and Peter Clutterbuck from the Social Planning Network of Ontario, are welcoming you to a dialogue about this inspiring proposal on May 1, 6pm-8pm at the Kitchener City Hall Routunda.

2015 Federal Pre-Budget Community Consultation

Dec 1 2014

2015 Pre-Budget ConsultationWe are opening the Budget Season with the community consultation regarding 2015 Federal Budget. All our appreciation to Stephen Woodworth, MP Kitchener Centre, for providing support for this community forum where we can start giving this holiday season. A special gift is your experience, ideas and caring for the needs of your community. Join us for an open discussion about what the region would need to have addressed in the 2015 budget: Saturday December 13th at 4 pm at the Downtown Community Centre. Click to read the media release.

Poverty Reduction Strategy: Being Heard and Involved

Sep 23 2014

Poverty Free Kitchener-Waterloo Action Group is keen to find out how local groups who are already active in poverty reduction work can be recognized and supported through the provincial Poverty Reduction Strategy to continue their work that brings those with lived poverty experience into the process as experts in their own right. Read below our comments on the provincial Poverty Reduction Strategy and get in touch to share yours.

Income Security for Refugees

Aug 28 2014

Relying on local Members of the Parliament as strong advocates on refugee concerns in Kitchener-Waterloo, the Poverty Free KW Group has joined organizations across Ontario in asking them to reject the Bill C-585 that would have serious implications for the health and welfare of refugee claimants and many others awaiting permanent status in Canada. See more from the Income Security Advocacy Centre on the province-wide actions before the Bill goes to vote on September 16th. 

Income Security Fund Shuffle

Aug 2 2014

It has been reported that the basic needs allowance of single parents on social assistance will be reduced by $8 dollars starting August 1, due to the increase in Ontario Child Benefit bound to happen on October 1 (Carol Goar, The Star, July 31, 2014). In a context where the cost of living raises much faster than the social assistance rates, which are already ​gravely inadequate, reducing basic needs allowance when raising the Ontario Child Benefit is simply wrong policy.

Passion for Social Change and Innovation

May 14 2014

EYPC 2014Four nominated youth-led project and four SparKW winners ready to take action: BeYOUtiful, Spread the Love, Hugs for Hygiene and The Music Room. The incredible flow of ideas and energy proved again that youth are concerned with social issues. At 6 table talks held on May 13 at EPYC 2014 about poverty, the participants were unanimous that poverty elimination has to be a priority for both the education system and the governments.