Changing The Way We Think About Taxes

Jan 24 2014

Tax Is Not A Four Letter Word Boook LaunchTax Is Not A Four Letter Word. Tax is Brussels sprouts! Kaylie Tiessen from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives Ontario says they are not always palatable but they are good for you. An interesting twits. Alex Himelfarb made another one: high taxes are good for business! Strong infrastructure, skilled workforce and good healthcare system are highly valued by businesses and they are all build with tax dollars. Carl Zehr, the Mayor of Kitchener, first asks what the services are that the citizens need and says that balance, sustainability and future legacy are the most important questions when thinking about municipal taxation.

We will share more in the upcoming days - quotes, videos and photos from the book tour Tax is Not a Four Letter Word in Kitchener on January 23rd 2014. Stay in touch or get in touch to tell us what you think and what are the next steps we could take together to engage more people in conversations that will set the stage for a different Ontario! Read the article in the Record about the book launch covered by Jeff Hicks: Why taxes are like brussels sprouts (and why that’s a good thing), January 24th, 2014

Video recording from the community forum in Kitchener.