Civic Hub Waterloo Region

Civic Hub Waterloo Region

Trudy Beaulne had many bold ideas, and her vision to build a more caring and just world was grounded in connections among grassroots and resident-led organizations who share resources, knowledge and grow together. Civic Hub is a collaborative and inclusive space, where grassroots is anchored, where faces go with names, and where energy and ideas are activated. You can see what transpired at the first small groups networking meeting in 2017! 

Civic Hub Report 2023Civic Engagement and Grassroots Organizing through the COVID-19 Pandemic: 
A Case Study of Civic Hub Waterloo Region 
(2023 Report)
Laura Pin, Wilfrid Laurier Univerisity
Lia Forma and Aleksandra Petrovic, Social Development Centre Waterloo Region

“The Upstream Fund has the potential to shift the balance of power in our Region, and begin to prevent harm before it happens” said Community Change Committee Member Pamela Fehr.

Social Development Centre's Civic Hub program is among 41 groups and organizations who received funding through the Upstream Fund in 2023. Revival of self-governance, financial capacity and social justice advocacy will be
the focus of our team's work to nurture grassroots initiatives. 

Community Safety and Wellbeing Plan

You can book free space to do your essential work, for meetings, activities and events.

You can access office and Internet technology.

You can print, copy and scan promotional material. 

You can access donations or funding through the Shared Platform and Grant Sponsorship program.

You can also become a partner of the Civic Hub to plan and shape our collective future. 

Seed Funding for the Civic Exchange Hub was provided by the Heritage Canada through the Community Support, Multiculturalism, and Anti-Racism Initiatives Program.  



You plan the ways to bring neighbours together! We plan the ways to support you!

Knowing the people who live in your neighbourhood improves everyone’s quality of life with a greater sense of belonging, more safety, more sharing, mutual supports and understanding, and of course more fun and joyful everyday life!

Since 1994, at Festival of Neighbourhoods, we have supported and encouraged citizens and grassroots who host gatherings open to everyone in their neighbourhood in many practical ways.

During the pandemic, we continued to walk the streets, parks and alleys to engage wiht neighbours in safe and respectful ways, acknowledging that inclusion was hard to achieve and that Black, Indigenous and racialized communities were being disproportionally impacted.

Read more abotu the COVID Safe Public Spaces - Living Rooms

Living Rooms 2021



Previous work in community development and civic engagement of the Social Development Centre Waterloo Region: All-candidates Sessions, Social Planning, Poverty Free KW, Disabilities and Human Rights Group.