Community Development

Are you interested in being more involved in the life of your community?

Interested to learn about issues facing Waterloo Region? Looking for places where you can be heard, contribute to, or address important issues? Do you have an interest you wish to pursue but do not know where to start? 

The role of the Social Development Centre is constantly evolving in light of changes to government structures and in the economy. We remain centered around the continuing need expressed by citizens to have adequate means for participation in social and public life of their communities. 

The most important aspects of participation for us are:

  • Adapted and mediated ways of providing information and education
  • Encouraging and facilitating for involvement in the right networks
  • Bringing together individuals and groups who have common concerns but not necessarily common understanding of issues
  • Supporting collective decision-making through deliberation
  • Setting actions in motion where everyone has a role to play

The Social Development Centre has been host to a number of groups and programs over the years and currently our main projects are focused on:

Civic Engagement

All Candidates SessionsSocial Planning

Citizen Action Groups

Poverty Free KW Action GroupDHR Group

Neighbourhood Work
Retrospective of the neighbourhood-based projects and initatives 1971-2015 (pdf)

Festival of NeighbourhoodsNeighbourhood Connection

Read more about the lived expereince groups we support

Renters Educating and Networking Together

Awareness of Low Income Voices

If you have citizen engagement at heart and a passion you want to pursue, get in touch with us to find ways to get involved:

Aleksandra Petrovic, Community Planning and Development Lead