Community Wellbeing Survey Feedback

Feb 22 2023

Wellbeing Survey 2022The 2022 Community Wellbeing Survey preliminary results were released by the Canadian Index of Wellbeing Team, and SDC has completed its feedback report. Close 5,000 surveys were submitted, while SDC's community connectors collected over 280 responses from underrepresented and hard to reach populations. With the onset of the 2022 Wellbeing Survey process, SDCWR joined other partner organizations in mobilizing their staff and community connectors to take part in:

  • planning of the engagement strategies for the hardest to reach populations (low income, homeless and precariously housed, persons with disabilities, BIPOC, immigrants)
  • improvements of the CIW tool to better reflect more underrepresented demographics
  • participating in the Advisory Group and supporting lived experience members in the process


SDCWR is creating a report to further the conversations on the remaining questions: 

  • how will the recommendations put forward by the community connectors be followed up regarding the need to continue culturally and socially appropriate engagement with unrepresented voices in order to meaningfully inform improvements in services 
  • how will both the quantitative and qualitative data be used in dissemination of the results and shared with service providers and municipalities  
  • how will the impact of the data in general be tracked to ensure improvement of supports and services for the most underserved populations and shared with the underserved populations