ConnectKW 2015 Season Info

Apr 27 2015

Traynor-Vanier Mobile labAnother successful season with ConnectKW has come to an end with a bang! This year,  the ConnectKW season started in October 2014 and ended at the end of March 2015. The ConnectKW team of the Planning Council of Kitchener-Waterloo held 175 no cost, one to one technology coaching sessions. There were more than 60 participants who came out to enjoy the coaching sessions.

The topics ranged from social media, to MS Office program, digital cameras, internet safety, mobile technologies and more. Program participants could also use the coaching session to have any questions they might have answered. 

Technology Devices

We also offered sessions with Samsung Galaxy smart phones and ASUS tablets. These devices were used for practice on using hand held touch screen devices, as well as the different applications and communication software.  This was also a great foundation for many participants who were looking to buy their first tablet device or smart phone but did not have much experience with touch screens or hand held devices.

Traynor-Vanier Mobile Lab

ConnectKW also provided mobile laptop labs at Traynor-Vanier. This was part of bridging the digital divide and providing computer and internet access to all. The ConnectKW team set up laptops in the Vanier building community room every Monday and Thursday. These were available for use to the tenants as well as help with any technology related question to the newly formed KW Tenant Group. There were 28 sessions held at Vanier community room and the presence of the ConnectKW Team supported the community engagement done by the Social Planning Council of KW team through Neighbourhood Connection Project. 


We were also very excited to receive glowing feedback from the community about this service. Some reviews appreciated of the Community Information Centre stating “it is very important to have a place like this centre”.  Other reviews were on praising ConnectKW staff for “pleasant, patient and informative” learning experiences. Other feedback was on the coaching content and an appreciation for “excellent examples (that are) very practical”.  The ConnectKW team was also able to get contacts from many community members who would love to be a part of the experience once again. Judging from the reviews including comments like “I suggest these sessions to anyone needing help with computers,” next year ConnectKW will also be greatly appreciated.