The Healthline - Health Services in Waterloo Wellington


We are currently data providerrs for the HealthLine directory, specifically updating the records for  the South West Ontario and Waterloo Wellington area.

We were database management agency for the whole Waterloo Region until 2015 and supported the creation of a number of service directories in collaboration with service providers. 

Waterloo Region Immigrant Supports Directory 

BLISONThis directory was created as a part of our multi-year Building Local Information Supports for Ontario Newcomers project, developed in partnership with a steering committee of local service providers. It is a tailored directory created from our Community Information Database to suit the needs of those new to Waterloo Region.

Categories include: Canadian Law/Legal System, Children and Youth, Culture, Disabilities, Education and Learning, Employment, Family Supports, Financial, Health Services, Housing and Housing Supports, Immigration and Settlement, Mental Health, Recreation, Seniors, Sexual Health and Supports, Socialization and Integration, Transportation.   


Access Waterloo Region

Access Waterloo Region

Developed in partnership with a local action group who worked with us to create a directory of programs and services for children, youth and families that require targeted services and programming related to having a family member with a disability.  Categories include Advocacy and Supports, Education, Financial Assistance, Health, Personal Care and In-Home Supports, Recreation, Respite and Residential Programs, Transportation, Work, Day Programs and Volunteer Supports. 

Past Projects: Access Waterloo Region Annual Information Night and Booklet

The information contained in the online searchable directory was  also compiled into a printed booklet, in part to support the Access Waterloo Region Information Night, which had been an opportunity for  agencies and community members together to share information and resources. Due to increasingly low turnout to this annual event, the AWR group decided that the 2015 AWR Information Night will not be held. 

2015 and Beyond

In 2015, the Access Waterloo Region group is assessing how to best provide information to benefit the community, which will include sending out a survey to assess their information needs and analyzing the results to the determine the next steps for the committee. 

Thank you to all who participated in the Information Needs Survey! We are now analyzing the data collected to include in our goals for 2015.

Green Book

Green Book Directory

The Green Book, also known as the Green Directory, is a collaborative effort with local green-minded individuals. It lists and categorizes the local environmental organizations in Waterloo Region so that you can easily connect to them! Our favourite part of this project is that it actually evolved through multiple local collaborations originally – in order to create a resource to drive collaboration! We love it!  


Community Information Directory 

We ensured online access to the records in our database from several partners: 
Community Care Access Centre - Healthline Waterloo Wellington 
Kitchener Public Library 
211 Ontario