Disabilities and Human Rights

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Disability and Human Rights Group is a forum for educating, raising awareness and discussing issues related to human rights and disabilities.

It was formed in order to allow community members with disabilities and community members concerned wtih equal access and human rights a space to meet socially, to respond to consultations on issues related to accessibility, disability and human rights as a group, and to plan accessible and open events for the United Nations Day of Persons with Disabilities each December. 


Disability and Human Rights Group Brochure - Download


Time: Second Wednesday of each month, from 1:30pm - 3:30pm 
(depending on group members' availability, changes are possible so make sure to contact Trudy Beaulne spckw@waterlooregion.org and be added to the group's communication list)

Location:  Social Development Centre Waterloo Region Office, 74 Frederick Street, Kitchener ON

Everyone is welcome! 

Committment to Access and Inclusion

The Social Development Centre Waterloo Region works to support inclusion and accessibility for persons with disabilities, their caregivers and agencies serving persons with disabilities in the Waterloo Region.  We have partnered with local community groups in order to create online and print resources to support persons with disabilities, as well as created space for a local group of persons with lived experience of disabilities or who are concerned wtih disability and human rights issues to meet. Disabilities and Human Rights Group is as well a member of the Poverty Free Kitchener-Waterloo Action Group and contributes to the development of the local framework for measuring the successful poverty elimination outcomes.

For more Information

For more information about the Disabilities and Human Rights group, please contact Trudy Beaulne at spckw@waterlooregion.org.