Don't Laugh At Me

By Wayne Sorely


On the road of life 

death is our final journey 

no matter if you are a president of a large company 

or person living on the street.


 All our journeys ended up being the same place. 

In our society life is highly valued. 

When someone passes away, 

they are treated with reverence, respect, and dignity 

and we gather to celebrate that person's life, 

to share the sorrow and to say goodbye. 


For someone who is homeless and living on the street, 

there's little or no dignity in their death. 

Where is the dignity to die alone in a cardboard box 

or at a park bench. or in an abandoned factory. 


There was no one there to celebrate their lives, 

to grieve for them, no one to say goodbye. 

Despite the standing in life 

these are people who have walked the same earth as you and I. 

They were not something but someone, 

they too were loved, and were loved. 


Although all our journeys end up on the same place. 

The roads traveled are quite different 

from one may have the comfort of having loved ones 

past to say to say their goodbyes 

and to be remembered long after their passing, 

while the others may die alone 

with no one to remember them 

and simply disappear like the gust of wind. 


By Mike Willis 


Don't laugh at me

Don't call me names

Don't get your pleasure from my pain

In God's eyes we're all the same

Someday we'll all have perfect wings


Don't laugh at me