Early Bird Prize

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We organize four Early Bird Draws throughout the year, and give exciting prizes to neighbourhoods who register early and often!

Early Bird Registration Deadlines:  January 15 - March 15 - May 15 - July 15

Prizes could include: a swimming party at an indoor pool, free skating hour in a City arena, an hour of bouncing castle for your outdoor event, free Neighbourhoood Trunk Booking, a gift card for purchase you would need for your next activity or a free  demonstration of a sport for all ages. 

Register your gathering and participate in the Early Bird Draws  throughout the year! 

Early Brid Sponsors 2014-2016 were:

  • Vladimir and Alejandra Ivic, Remax: a gift card from a local store
  • KW Pickleball Association: a free demonstration of the game for all ages
  • City of Kitchener: a swimming party at one of the indoor pools and a gift card for the groceries for a neighbourhood activity.

Early Bird Sponsorship Form for all of you who wish to offer prizes to neighoburhood groups!