Election Year 2014

Election Year 2014Municipal Elections October 27 * Look Back at the Provincial Election

2014 was a year of many choices. With the municipal elections, we all had much to think and talk about. The information about the candidates includes their webpages, Facebook pages, twitter accounts and newspaper articles. Take a look at our "How To Organize a Participatory All-Candidate Session" poster!  Poverty Free Kitchener-Waterloo Action Group has been asking for integrated approaches to poverty elimination by all orders of government. Some important questions we have been asked to respond to are:

- What is the election process?
- Who are the candidates?
- What are the issues that create safety and prosperity for all Ontarians?
- What does each party's or candidate's platform brings to contribute to safety and prosperity for all?
- What is the responsibility of different levels of government and what are their shared responsibilities?

If there is more information we could provide to help you make your best choice at the polls, please drop us a line at aleksandra@waterlooregion.org.

See the links to the specific provincial and municipal elections pages to your right. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts or questions. Your questions may be on the minds of others. government responsibilities

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