Equity in Bill 184

Jul 21 2020

Homes 4 AllThe coalition of lived experience groups in the Waterloo Region appreciate the opportunity to share our views and submit the following comments and recommendations to the proposed Bill 184. With the changes brought on by COVID-19, we are the most vulnerable, lack financial supports, at high risk to meet rent payments and in constant fear of eviction. Prior to COVID-19, the housing crisis in the region posed a major concern, and the pandemic has further exacerbated the conditions. These constant stressors contribute to poor mental health and other health conditions that add costs to the economy by pushing more residents into homelessness and hosuing precarity. We need equity in the legislation that provides needed protections for tenants, as well as for landlords. Read our suggestions below and our response.


  1. Mandate engagement events with lived experience groups earlier in the decision-making process to support meaningful interactions
  2. Convey impacts of the climate emergency and engage all residents
  3. Consider shelters as a long-term solution rather than as a transitional/short-term solution.
  4. Improve rent control and relief systems and increase provisions surrounding low-income residents
  5. Include additional provisions within Bill 184 to support tenants to support an equitable process.
  6. Focus on long-term efforts for creation of affordable housing and alternatives to shelters
  7. Implement policies that include 30% affordable & 20% visitable/accessible units in all new rental buildings; re-habit unused commercial or public properties; establish modular settlements (prefabricated or tint/container built)
  8. Improve accessibility to cooling centres, food centres, and washrooms
  9. Provide funding to improve access to legal support and services for tenants for Landlord Tenant Board (LTB) hearings
  10. Improve clarity regarding eviction moratoriums and require landlords to provide at least a 6-months’ notice to tenants
  11. Require LTB and associated documents to be prepared in simple and plain language to allow tenants to better understand the process