Empowerment of Ethno-cultural Groups

Apr 10 2019

Empowerment of Ethnocultural Groups After the Waterloo Region Multicultural Connections Forum, organized in November 2018, together with the Immigration Partnership and the WR Volunteer Action Centre, we followed up on the top priority that the representatives of cultural communities shared: Empowerment of Ethno-cultural Groups. The empowerment includes: access to resources (funding, space, information, communication and mentoring); mutual understanding (common spaces and activities, dialogue building); equity (anti-racism, removal of barriers for participation and representation in decision-making).

Neighbourhood Connections

Mar 27 2019

Cherry ParkThe Neighbourhood Connections Award has had a deep impact in neighbourhoods across Kitchener. Festival of Neighbourhoods, in itself, seemingly a simple approach, has contributed enormously in building close and loose ties among people in our community. They are our lifeline of access to information and opportunities. However, the Neighbourhood Connections Award, introduced in 2000 by Social Development Centre, helps us work through equity issues to build community capacity. Read about this unique process, welcomed by the Victoria Park neighbourhood in 2019, and more in our March E-Neighbour.

Being a Tenant in 2019?

Mar 17 2019

Being a Tenant in 2019?

Renters Educating and Networking Together are hosting an open meeting to support tenants to share their experiences and to learn from each o

ther. With the support of the WR Community Legal Services dedicated staff and the Social Development Centre WR community developers, we can voice the concerns in the changing context of provincial legislation and municipal housing strategies. Tuesday, April 9th, 6pm to 8pm at St John Church in downtown Kitchener. Entrance on Duke Street. RSVP admin@waterlooregion.org or 519-579-3800.

Activating Energy and Ideas

Mar 14 2019

Activating Energy and Ideas“Civic Hub is a collaborative and inclusive space, 
where grassroots innovation and advocacy is anchored,
where faces go with names, and
where energy and ideas are activated.”  

Civic Hub enthusiasts adopted the vision for the Civic Hub on March 11th meeting. We hope to ensure collaboration on longterm solutions to social and economic challenges in the region through a common mandate: grassroots capacity building, sharing of resources and skills, streamlining promotion and recruitment for social justice advocacy, building opportunities for true inclusion and dialogue across diversity. 

Having Fun in the Neighbrrrhood?

Feb 7 2019

Winter E NeighbourWe have seen some cold spells this winter and we cannot have them discourage us from spending time with our neighbours! Yes, we showell together, and de-ice our sidewalks together, sure, some people bond and have fun this way. There are many paths to take in neighbourhood winterland. Some ideas are in our Winter E-Neighbour, including the 2018 Annua Celebration Inclusion Recognition Recipient neighbourhoods: Doon South, Schneider Creek, Auditorium and New Doon. Next time you organize a neighbourhood gathering in winter, think of the ways to be inclusive of everyone who cannot skate or walk through snow. 

Ontario Pre-budget Submission

Jan 29 2019

Mavyn Novick 2011Since the introduction of the Blueprint for Poverty Free Ontario in 2009 and the social assistance review, Social Planning Network of Ontario, Social Development Centre Waterloo Region and Disabilities and Human Rights Group have been asking for immediate increase of social assistance rates. It was 10 years ago. Disability and Human Rights Group is reminding Ontario government in their pre-budget submission that employment will never be a solution for many on ODSP, and that dignity and income security relies on the readiness of the government to bring its people out of poverty by increasing the rates significantly as other work related programs are being designed. Watch the presentations by Marvyn NovickHuman Dignity for All: Working for a Poverty Free Ontario, on behalf of the Social Planning Network of Ontario, at the event hosted by the Social Development Centre Waterloo Region, Ray of Hope, and Poverty Free Waterloo Region on April 28, 2011.

2019 Income Tax Clinic

Jan 20 2019

2019 Tax ClinicThis year, we will be hosting free income tax clinics.  During the tax season, we are offering bookable times, weekend appointments, and drop-off services for your tax return to be completed within two working days. Our clinics start Monday March 4th and will operate until Monday April 29th. In addition to English, we have volunteers that speak Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, and Farsi. Call or email to schedule a time:  519-579-3800 or tax-clinic@waterlooregion.org. To ensure that your return is completed accurately, please have all of the necessary documents as it applies to your situation from the tax clinic check listPlease note that if you are not receiving Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP), we can assist you in applying for it, even if not all the household members have filed taxes. 

Moving Forward Together - Civic Hub

Jan 3 2019

Small Groups

It was a year ago when thirty small groups gathered to talk about a long-term need for a creative common space.  It was in part about an affordable physical space to hold meetings and host events, and it seemed even more so about an expression of commitment to a full and inclusive democratic life. Since then, we have arrived at a common vision: A home, a landmark, ACCESSIBLE to everyone, for civic and grassroots groups to showcases what is being done in the community, for small groups to support each other and build their credibility and capacity to advocate and provide services to the public. How can we leverage the wealth of ideas and resources in Waterloo Region to create a civic social innovation hub? We will explore our vision and the ways to talk to people in our community about the initiative; we will learn about connections with the existing hubs and networks; we will investigate sustainability of such an endeavour; and we will take a look at the benefits of working across culture, identity, and ideas. January 21st, 6pm to 8pm at the Social Development Centre WR, corner of Water St. North and Duke St. in Kitchener.

RSVP by January 16th at admin@waterlooregion.org or 519-579-3800. Your voice counts too. 

Reversing Cycles that Produce Poverty

Nov 9 2018

Systemic Analysis of PovertyWork with us to explain systems that keep poverty in place. We are witnesses of the changing mindset towards poverty. The recognition of reasons why we cannot make a decent living now go beyond individual education or skill. It may be a life stage (youth or seniors) or ability (living with chronic health and mental health challenges); disruptive events such as injury, illness, natural disasters or job loss. At the end of the day, there are systemic factors (racism, xenophobia, employment standards, global recession, socio-economic and gender inequalities) that contribute to driving people in vulnerable circumstances into poverty and keeping them there. We can reverse those vicious cycles. Find out more and help us leverage the knowledge accumulated over the last 10 years: 519-579-3800 or sdcwr@waterlooregion.org.