Consultation: Labour Law Changes

Jun 5 2015

Ontario has launched public consultations on the Labour Laws Reform: The Changing Workplace Review. Input from communities and groups will be collected until September 18th. The list of public input sessions will be updated at the Ministry of Labour website

The consultation will consider how the Labour Relations Act, 1995 and Employment Standards Act, 2000 could be updated to best protect workers while supporting businesses in the changing economy.

Join the ongoing conversation in your community or start conversations with people around you! 

Submit a Testimonial

May 29 2015


Submit a Testimonial about VisitAble Housing

If you'd like your personal experience with (or without) VisitAble Housing to appear on our Testimonials page, simply answer the following questions and e-mail them to
Feel free to include a picture of yourself to accompany your story.

Ontario's Omnibus Budget Bill-91

May 25 2015

Presenting a complex set of legislative changes through the budget process confuses the issue of what is being done. The volume of intended changes presented in legal language in a short time frame does not allow for fair and sufficient review. Those affected by the legislative changes can’t be confident that they understand what is being done which does not build their trust in government representatives. Social Planning Council of Kitchener-Waterloo reviewed some of the poverty related items in Bill-91 and you can read our submission to the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs here.

May E-Neighbour is Here!

May 12 2015

We can always make our neighbourhood activities more inclusive. Paula Saunders from the Independent Living Centre, our sponsor of the Inclusion Award, gives us some ideas how to remove barriers for greater participation in neighbourhood get-togethers. Do not forget to tell us more about your efforts to make activities and spaces more accessible when you register your activity.

Everyone Deserves a Decent Life

May 7 2015

Marvyn Novick Decent Lives ForumCanadians have a deep sense of decency and our conversation on May 1 at the "Decent Lives" community forum conveyed the same sentiment in our local community "Everyone deserves to live a decent life". People recognize decency and will support the collective stewardship of our shared resources to invest in healthy communities that create opportunities for everyone. Hear what our guests, Marvyn Novick and Peter Clutterbuck, offered for discussion and read how residents of Kitchener-Waterloo responded. You can continue the conversation with us and gather people in your community for a kitchen table talk this summer! 

Healthy Information: Inform Ontario Symposium 2015

Apr 30 2015

Symposium2015InformOntario 2015 Symposium "Healthy Information" was held this week in London hosted by the Information Network - Wonderful opportunity for exchange with community information colleagues, health service providers, Community Care Access Centres, academics and Nora Young from the CBC. A message presented by our team was received clearly and with enthusiasm from our peers: "collaboration is central" to make sure services are equitable and accessible for everyone!

New VisitAble Housing Resources Available!

Apr 27 2015

Visitable Housing Brochure"Understanding Accessibility Features to Meet Housing Needs - A Guide for Real Estate Professionals & Home Seekers" is a checklist guide to help assess a home for the basic level of accessibility (VisitAbility) and additional accessibility features along the des

ConnectKW 2015 Season Info

Apr 27 2015

Traynor-Vanier Mobile labAnother successful season with ConnectKW has come to an end with a bang! This year,  the ConnectKW season started in October 2014 and ended at the end of March 2015. The ConnectKW team of the Planning Council of Kitchener-Waterloo held 175 no cost, one to one technology coaching sessions. There were more than 60 participants who came out to enjoy the coaching sessions.

April 2015 Community Update

Apr 24 2015

For updates on various projects of the Social Planning Council of K-W and Community Information Centre of Waterloo Region, including updates on the VisitAble Housing Project, Connect KW Technology Training sessions and more,  please download our April 2015 newsletter

Customer Service Experience Checklist

Apr 20 2015

Disabilities and Human Rights Group has been meeting this winter and developed a checklist to assess customer service experience in local businesses, agencies and institutions. The main purpose of the checklist is to help everyone understand their rights according to the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and to communicate more effectively about the good and not so good experiences while getting to the services they need.