Displacement in inner suburbs

NEW ARTICLE: Mapping Displacement Through Lived Experience, December 2022
Brian Doucet, Faryal Diwan, William Turman, Neelu Mehta and Aleksandra Petrovic
Radical Housing Journal, Issue 4.2 


Emma McDougall, University of Waterloo
Faryal Diwan, Social Development Centre Waterloo Region
Aleksandra Petrovic, Social Development Centre Waterloo Region
Brian Doucet, University of Waterloo
Martine August, University of Waterloo
September 2022

Many Faces of Urban and Rural Displacement 2022-2023
in collaboration with the Social Planning Network of Ontario and University of Waterloo, Centre for Equity Rights and Accomodation

Map of Displacement 2020 KW 

Interactive Map of Displacement:  December 2020


Mapping Displacement in Kitchener-Waterloo: REPORT May 2021

CKMS Interview with researchers Faryal Diwan and William Turman 2021

The 'hidden' sides of transit-induced gentrification and displacement along Waterloo Region's LRT corridor, Brian Doucet 2021

Map of Displacement 2020 logos

The views expressed in the map presentation are the views of the Social Development Centre Waterloo Region and do not necessarily reflect those of the Province of Ontario. 

 Turning Up the Volume of Life Stories of Displacement

Life Stories of Displacement 2019

Oral history, podcast series, recommendations from lived experience group and initiatives, and more... 

The Displacement Mapping project expanded on the 2019 Life Stories of Displacement study, and is funded by the Ontario Job Creation Partnership while being incorporated into a SSHRC-funded project that examines gentrification led by Dr. Brian Doucet. In addition to the 20 interviews collected in 2019, 30 interviews were added in 2020 exploring the impact on racialized, LGBTQ+, Indigenous and immigrant populations.

Experiential knowledge reveals the loss of affordable housing, social and community spaces, stores, neighbourhoods, and personal loss from the past five to ten years. The map also reveals small-scale changes that do not show up in statistics and can only be revealed through an intimate knowledge of place. Explore the urban core of Kitchener-Waterloo through the eyes and words of residents who suffered the loss and are still to find their rightful place in our community.

EVICTION PREVENTION Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge 
May 2020 - present 

Based on our long-time support to tenants through Renters Educating and Networking Together (R.E.N.T.) and the recent studies on evictions and displacement of low to moderate income residents in the region, we started a peer based eviction prevention program, intended to provide holistic support to those at risk of evictions. This program is a recipient of the Spirit Award from the United Way Waterloo Region Communities, however, remains precariously funded and not fully understood within the complex ecosystem of housing support systems and its role in homelessness prevention for the most underserved populations, Black, Indigenous and LGBTQ+. 

Eviction Prevention