Kitchener All-Candidates October 21

"The event itself was a clear example of civic engagement, with people of all ages and backgrounds deep in discussion all around the room."  Waterloo Region Record by Catherine Thompson. 

Kitchener City Hall, Tuesday October 21 2014   

Good conversations were held with about 50 municipal candidates. Most found  that all the issues discussed were mutually intertwined and we hope that this realization will bring greater collaboration among different levels of government and the school boards.  

Below you will find links to background information and questions on the issues we offered for discussion, notes taken during the table conversations, and closing video presentations made by the candidates in response to what they heard at different tables.    

Background documents on the issues discussed with suggestions for future action and with questions we should all be trying to answer together:


Read the notes taken during round table discussions here. 

 We asked the candidates to fulfill a number of commitments once they are elected and you can see below which have signed on working for a Fair, Healthy and Resilient Region together with its residents. 

Video Presentations - Part I

Mayoral Candidates

00:11 Daniel Glenn-Graham - signed the commitments

02:09 Berry Vrbanovic- signed the commitments

04:09 Peter Martin - signed the commitments

Ward 1

6:14 Marcus Drasdo - signed the commitments

Ward 2

08:22 Dan Graham - signed the commitments

10:18 Wasai Rahimi                                      

12:18 Grayson Zeilstra

Ward 4

14:05 Wayne Buchholtz  - signed the commitments

15:57 Yvonne Fernandes  - signed the commitments

Ward 5

17:43 Mary Henein Thorn  - signed the commitments

Ward 6

19:54 Verne Sawyer

Ward 7

21:36 Harald Drewitz

22:44 Fauzia Mazhar - signed the commitments

Regional Chair

24:39 John Wolf - signed the commitments

26:45 Ken Seiling

7:44 Moira-Sharon Magee

29:56 Oscar Cole-Arnal 


Video Presentations - Part II  

Ward 9

00:07 Tessa Jennison - signed the commitments 

02:15 Frank Etherington - signed the commitments

04:20 Terry Ross - signed the commitments

06:26 Steve Strohack  

Ward 10 

08:26 James Howe - signed the commitments

10:45 Adam Kochanski

12:56 Gabriele Korschewitz

14:30 Sarah Marsh - signed the commitments

WR Catholic School Board Trustee 

16:36 Anthony Piscitelli                                  

17:36 Renée Kraft - signed the commitments 

WR District School Board Trustee 

19:30 Matthew Ichim - signed the commitments

21:25 David  Kuhn

23:24 Fiona McAlister - signed the commitments

25:20 Joyce  Palubiski

27:35 Kathi Smith - signed the commitments

Regional Councillor 

29:16 Greg  Burns - signed the commitments

31:08 Elizabeth  Clarke - signed the commitments

32:30 Cameron Dearlove - signed the commitments

34:45 Karen Redman - signed the commitments

36:42 Wayne Wettlaufer - signed the commitments