Municipal Elections 2018

Kitchener Meet the Candidates 2018

This is not a debate! We are hosting our traditional roundtable discussions with the candidates to build common ground for community dialogue that spans between elections. We will have the privilege to welcome into conversations the Regional Chair, Regional Council and Kitchener mayoral candidates. All the candidates that attended signed the Commitments for equitable and resilient Waterloo Region.

Kitchener Meet the Candidates, September 30th
Notes and Videos 
Waterloo Meet the Candidates 201812 pm to 2pm, St Matthews Lutheran Church Parish Hall,
54 Benton St, Kitchener, entrance from Church Street. 

Co-hosted by Trinity United Church.

Waterloo Meet the Candidates, October 14th
Nots and Videos
4pm to 6pm, First United Church 
16 William St W. in Waterloo.

Co-hosted by First United Church.

Social Development Centre WR is organizing this event with Grand River Unitarian Congregations, KW Peace, Alliance Against Poverty, Dialogue Xchange and Disabilities and Human Rights Group. 

"The Social Development Centre forums are a valuable part of how I decide who to vote for - thank you for running them!" Kourtney, May 2018

"In debates - and there will be lots of them - the audience listens to political candidates argue about issues chosen by a moderator, and tries to figure out who argued best. That's not what this is.

This is a chance for people to tell the candidates directly what issues matter to them. The people talk, and the candidates are the ones who listen." Regional Councillor, 2014-2018

Do It Yourself

How to Meet the Candidates 2018

Since we will not be inviting ward candidates, please see a set of simple guidelines on how to organize participatory meet the candidates in your neighbourhood

For more information about the candidates, the voting process, other meet the candidates debates and forums, explore the Waterloo Region Votes Info Hub that we have supported through the work of the CivicTech Group. Get all the information you need before the October 22nd Election.

Municipal Government Responsibilities

Roles of Municipal Government

Review the chart below if you are not sure what the responsibilities are of each of the two levels of municipal government. Also, do not forget that we will be voting for the School Trustees that focus on student achievement and wellbeing. Find out more on schoolboard elections website.

Every voice counts. Yours too! 

As we prepare for Kitchener Meet the candidates, send us the questions you think are the most important for the residents of Kitchener and need to be talked about -

Region chair candidates on why they're running (CBC News)

Waterloo mayoral candidates on why they're running (CBC News)

Kitchener mayoral candidates on why they are running (CBC News)

Cambridge mayoral candidates on why they're running (CBC News)

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