Ontario Election 2018

Provincial Election June 7, 2018

In 2018 general elections, the voters in Waterloo Region will be voting in 5 electoral districts: Kitchener Centre, Kitchener-Conestoga, Kitchener South-Hespeler, Waterloo and Cambridge

Kitchener South-Hespeler is one of the 15 new districts and it covers parts of Kitchener and Cambridge with about 105 000 residents. This means also that the Ontario Parliament will increase from 107 to 122 seats. The winning party would need 63 elected representatives to form a majority government. 

Another important legislative change introduced in the fall 2017 put rains on corporate and union donations to political parties.  Potentially, we will see somewhat more leveled field in terms of parties' investment in election campaign. 

However, the electoral system in Ontario is still First-past-the-post - regardless of the number of voters coming out, the candidate with the most votes wins. You can still vote for the candidate you believe in and not against the one you do not want to win. Not sure what are advantages and disadvantages of the First-past-the-post system? Refresh your memory with Fair Vote Canada resources

The nominations for 2018 general election close on Tuesday, May 17th at 2pm. There is still time to join in, as a party candidate (there are more parties in Ontario than you think) or as an independent candidate. We have at least one independent this time around! 

List of all the registered parties in Ontario.

government responsibilities


In order prepare for voting, it is important to understand what responsibilities are shared between the federal, provincial and municipal governments. 

This election, the most prominent social issues will be minimum wage, income security, affordable housing and health care. Be sure to go to your local candidates meetings and debates to have a chance to learn about the issues, party platforms and to ask all the questions you have.  

The reduction of poverty for children and adults, basic income pilot program and incremental increase to social assistance rates and the minimum wage are among the gains that have resulted from dialogue with MPPs of different political stripes in the province and should be reflected in party platforms and campaigns. Pay close attention!

Meet the Candidates in Your Riding

KITCHENER CENTREKitchener Centre and Waterloo Meet the Candidates

Meet the Candidates Kitchener Centre, May 23rd, 6 pm - 8 pm
St John the Evangelist Anglican Church, Kitchener
organized by the Social Development Center Waterloo Region
and partner organizations.

Daiene Vernile - Ontario Liberal Party (Incumbent) 

Mary Henein Thorn - Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario

Laura Mae LindoNew Democratic Party of Ontario

Stacey Danckert - Green Party of Ontario  

Chris Carr - None of the Above Party

Martin Suter - Communist Party of Canada/Ontario

Jason ErbOntario Libertarian Party 



Meet the Candidates Waterloo, May 29th, 6 pm - 8 pm
First United Church, Waterloo
organized by the Social Development Center Waterloo Region and partner organizations.

Catherine Fife - New Democratic Party of Ontario 
(Incumbent) catherinefife.ontariondp.ca

Dorothy McCabeOntario Liberal Party

Dan WeberProgressive Conservative Party of Ontario

Zdravko Gunjević - Green Party of Ontario 

Andrew Allison - Ontario Libertarian Party


KITCHENER-CONESTOGAKitchener Conestoga Meet the Candidates
Meet the Candidates will be held on May 28th
Wilmot Recreation Complex, Baden
organized by the Fair Vote WR, Social Development Centre WRand partner organizations.

Joe GowingOntario Liberal Party

Mike Harris Jr.Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario

Kelly DickNew Democratic Party of Ontario

Bob JonkmanGreen Party of Ontario 

Daniel BenoyOntario Libertarian Party



Waterloo Meet the Candidates

All Candidates Meeting, May 22nd at 7 pm - 9 pm
Sunbridge Hotel and Conference Centre, 200 Holiday Inn Drive, Cambridge
organized by the Social Planning Council Cambridge and North Dumfries

Surekha ShenoyOntario Liberal Party

Amy FeeProgressive Conservative Party of Ontario

Fitzroy VanderpoolNew Democratic Party of Ontario

David WeberGreen Party of Ontario 

Nathan LajeunesseOntario Libertarian Party

Narine Sookram - Independent 

All Candidates Meeting, May 31st at 7 pm - 9 pm
Sunbridge Hotel and Conference Centre, 200 Holiday Inn Drive, Cambridge
organized by the Social Planning Council Cambridge and North Dumfries

Kathryn McGarryOntario Liberal Party (Incumbent)

Belinda KarahaliosProgressive Conservative Party of Ontario

Marjorie Knight - New Democratic Party of Ontario

Michele BraniffGreen Party of Ontario 

Allan Dettweiler - Ontario Libertarian Party

For a list of ALL CANDIDATES MEETINGS in the region, follow this link to a spreadsheet and tell us which we are missing.