PFKW Public Documents


Budget Season 2015


2015 Ontario pre-budget consultation with the Ministry of Finance 

"We applaud the change of language used in the second Ontario Poverty Reduction Strategy that acknowledges the potential of all citizens to prosper. However, neither the 2nd Poverty Reduction Strategy nor the Fall Economic Update Backgrounder, Supporting A Fair Society, go far enough to articulate the holistic vision and approach needed to eliminate poverty and guide successful social assistance reform in Ontario." Read the whole Poverty Free Kitchener-Waterloo submission to the 2015 Ontario pre-budget consultations. 

2015 Federal Budget

Federal pre-budget consultation in Kitchener Centre 2015 with MP Stephen Woodworth 

PFKW Submission to the Federal Minister of Finance Joe Oliver 


Election Year 2014 

Poverty Free Kitchener-Waterloo message to candidates after Municipal Elections October 27, 2014: 

In Waterloo region, we find prime examples of municipalities leading toward a fair, healthy and resilient community.  

  • We see the need for all elected bodies, be it the Regional Council, the city councils, or the school boards, to work together and be inclusive on a more equal level of ideas and leadership coming from community members and groups, including people living in poverty or experiencing homelessness.
  • We expect our municipal representatives at all levels to take a firm advocacy role to the upper levels of government to make sure there is sufficient revenue and funding for all the responsibilities they have to their constituents. 

"Poverty Free Region" - background document produced to support round table discussion and facilitation at the all-candidates sessions in October 2014

Poverty Free Kitchener-Waterloo message to candidates in Provincial Election June 12th remains the same for the elected MPPs: 

  • Austerity is not to the way to provide prosperity and security for Ontarians
  • Recognition that investment in social assistance contributes to economic growth 
  • Income inequality needs to be addressed in Ontario 
  • Implementation of the new Poverty Reduction Strategy and the Social Assistance reform in partnership with local organizations and local communities 

After dialogue with MPPs of different political stripes all around the province, we can report that concrete gains have been achieved in reduction of poverty for children and adults, as well as a trend upward in increasing social assistance rates and minimum wage rates.  

Budget Season 2014


We are starting 2014 with great dedication to the budget consultations - both Regional and Provincial. Read and watch the presentations made by the Poverty Free Kitchener-Waterloo Action Group. 
* December 11th 2013 - Waterloo Region Public Input Session 
* January 7th 2014 - Special Waterloo Region Public Input Session 
* January 11th, 2014 - PFKW Pre-budget presentation before the all-party Standing Committee of Economic and Financial Affairs 
* January 31st, 2014 - PFKW Submission as a Response to the Ontario Government Priorities: Investing in People, Infrastructure and Business 
* March 22nd, 2014 - PFKW Pre-budget Submission to the Ministry of Finance
* December 19th, 2014 - PFKW 2015 Pre-budget Submission to the Federal Minister of Finance

SUCCESS: Same level of funding kept for discretionary benefits in 2014 by the Region of Waterloo Council 

At the Region of Waterloo 2014 Budget public input sessions, great concerns were expressed regarding cuts to discretionary benefits (food hampers, housing support, orthotics, etc.). Poverty Free Waterloo-Region and many of its partners presented before the Regional Council and ensured that $1 million dollars is allocated to services. The largest number of public delegations asked for discretionary funding to become a part of the core budget and allocated on ongoing bases in the years to come. The Council has responded by making $500 000 part of the ongoing core budget and $500 000 as a contribution for this year only.

 Read more in the letter sent to the Minister of Community and Social Services Ted McMeekin, July 2013. Or, even more in the letter to the Prime Minister of Ontario, the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, the Minister Responsible for Poverty Reduction and the Minister of Community and Social Services on the need for permanent $42 million in funding for housing supports and homelessness-prevention programs across municipalities in Ontario, November 2013.