Social Assistance Review Commission Options Paper Released - Give Feedback by March 16

Feb 3 2012

As a part of the Government of Ontario’s strategy to reduce poverty across the province, in November 2010 they initiated a review of Social Assistance in the province. Our local community held a number of events and submitted reports to the Commission.

The second stage of the Social Assistance Review Commission’s process was launched today with the release of their second discussion paper, Discussion Paper 2: Approaches for Reform. This paper advances the dialogue they began last year, detailing the different approaches to improving key areas of social assistance in Ontario, and the expected direction of their final paper, to be submitted to the government in June.

The Commission also released a summary paper on the 700 submissions the Commission received last summer from communities and agencies across the province, titled What We Heard: A Summary of Discussions on Social Assistance, available on their website at

Submissions in response to the recommendations made in the Options Paper will be received until Friday, March 16th, and will help the Commission to frame their final recommendations. Instructions for submission are on the website, at:
There will be a local event to discuss the direction of the Commission’s suggestions, and to discuss their recent publications. Please check back for details.

There are also poverty reduction activities taking place on the federal level. On February 14th in Ottawa, Dignity for All is holding a panel discussion and Q&A in Ottawa called “What’s Next: How do we Address Poverty in Canada?” The panel will include MPs and poverty activists. You can help by encouraging your MP to attend and to join the conversation on poverty in Canada.

To look up your MPs contact information, visit:

For more information on Dignity for All, visit their website:

All submissions to the Social Assistance Review can be found on the Commission’s website, here: . Individual reports from Waterloo Region may be downloaded via the following links: