Take Control of Your Vote on June 12!

Jun 10 2014

"Absolutely take control of our democratic process... The candidates put themselves forward, they made a commitment, they made an offer and we should respect that. Make them work, not for us, but with us all the way through," call to voters made by Trudy Beaulne, the Executive Director of the Social Planning Council, acknowledging that there is disillusionment but that abstaining or refusing a ballot is not the way to go. "Pick the best candidate and the best party for the issues you think you can work with. Don't let your cynicism take control of you." SPC of KW and Poverty Free KW worked hard for the last few months to try and make the issues clearer, so that policy directions make sense. " If no party platform reflect what is important to you, take a look at the candidate and see which will listen. Work together with local organizations, such as the Social Planning Council, and the elected representatives on the things that matter in our community .