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Trudy Beaulne Lives in All that We Do
Letter from the Board, Staff and Members


I will remember her as a fierce advocate for change in the political systems to help underprivileged people.

Hazel Courtney


Trudy was a dedicated and tireless community builder. I will always remember her for her generosity, kindness and ironclad commitment to making the community a better place.

Dave Thomas 


Trudy stripe 1Trudy's intelligence, caring and open heart made a huge difference for me personally, and I have seen the influence she had on so many others, from people who really needed her support, to people who really needed to hear what she had to say.

Cheryl Ives


I have no doubt that we will continue to hear Trudy's voice through all who were influenced by her exceptional understanding of the issues of poverty, disability, and humanity.

Jackie Gerlach


Trudy was a passionate community advocate who dedicated her life to supporting those struggling with life's challenges and to building a stronger, healthier community.

Mayor Berry Vrbanovic


As ED of the Social Development Centre of WR, she was a champion for social justice and helping the marginalized.

Hon. Daiene Vernile, MPP


Trudy was a true collaborator in this community, helping out in her neighbourhood association and other civic groups. It was my privilege to serve with her, in some of her many and diverse involvements.

Philip J Fernandez


Trudy was a great visionary and a true champion for justice.

Pauline Kajiura


Trudy believed in community and included everyone in social justice work. Her contribution was unique and will live on.

Doug Rankin


Trudy, you were and such a valuable and beautiful member of our community. For so many years I marvelled at your tenacity, your focus on building a better place for us all to live. I am so sorry that we not longer have your watchful eye on social justice in Waterloo Region.

Wendy Newbery


Waterloo Region lost a hero; though Trudy Beaulne’s impact lives on. If you‘ve accessed social services, you’ve been touched by her work. She was a pioneer in community enterprise and a part of our founding convos for Waterloo Region Environment Network  She inspired my work.

Nicole McCallum


An incredible advocate for building better, stronger communities and she was someone who left me inspired every time we spoke. Thank you for your dedication, Trudy. It will not be forgotten.

Meaghan Martin  


Trudy was truly a dedicated, warm-hearted community leader, a visionary and a real gift to the KW community. Her passion and zeal for community betterment will be sorely missed!! The world needs more people like her.

Lee Evans


Trudy was a force and she was great. Rest in Power.

Trish L. Hennessy


Trudy fought for truth and people in need.

Jane Mitchell


Trudy built bridges everywhere, between policy and people, between privileged and marginalized, between theory and practice. Her steady values and community commitments are a role model for us all, and her passing will impact the community.

Arli Klassen


Trudy was a strong advocate for community activism and accessibility, and also supported ongoing graduate students through active volunteerism.

Deirdre Liptay


There is no question, Trudy always demonstrated her leadership with a strong commitment to an inclusive community. Trudy had a very clear vision of how a community was suppose to work and her community projects brought a diverse group of people together to discuss,

Trudy Strip 2

debate and build new models of citizen engagement. Thank you for your tenacity & foundational values of community!

Marty Schreiter


Trudy was a woman of towering and unflagging determination to create a greater good for all; her profound curiosity, intellect and analysis, respect and caring for others, dependability, laughter, love of family known to all.

Rosemary Park 


Kitchener’s Festival of Neighbourhoods, now in its 25th year, has benefited enormously from Trudy’s stewardship, understanding of community, and commitment to the principles of inclusion, fairness, and progress toward a compassionate and just society for all. Both I and the Festival have been tremendously enriched by the advocacy and support that we have received from Trudy. She is my community mentor, and I know well that she has similarly inspired others to serve community and its fundamental
values in a myriad of ways.

When we reach across diversity, and lend a supportive hand to others who are unlike ourselves, we are at our best as citizens. In our now decades-long relationship I have seen Trudy stretch that helping hand time and time again in all she has done:

• as advocate and as friend;

• as witness and as support for those without a voice;

• as volunteer and leader in her neighbourhood and across the community; and

• as Executive Director of the Social Planning Council of Kitchener-Waterloo (now Social Development Centre Waterloo Region), and Festival of Neighbourhoods co-founder.

I can think of no person in our community more worthy of honour and respect. She is all that a citizen should be.

John MacDonald 

Co-Founder, Festival of Neighbourhoods


Your dedication & service to our community will not be forgotten.

Michael Harris, MPP


Trudy was a tireless advocate for the most vulnerable in our community and lived her values every day.

Lyndsey Butcher


Trudy was an amazing person, a force of nature. It was a tremendous privilege to work with her in the social planning field for more than 25 years and to have her as a friend. Trudy will be sorely missed among her friends and colleagues in the Social Planning Network of Ontario.

Peter Clutterbuck


Thank you Trudy. We will always remember your love for community.

Mount Hope Breithaupt Park Neighbourhood Association


Trudy set a high bar for community activism.

Bob Jonkman


Trudy was an amazing advocate and has left a positive impact on many lives. She dedicated her life to supporting those struggling with life's challenges & to building a stronger community. Thank you!

United Way Perth-Huron


Trudy wanted solutions, not excuses. She believed in doing better for disadvantaged folks. Those who are struggling with poverty, illness, disability are regularly overlooked, ignored and isolated. Trudy believed we could and should do better for everyone.

E.M. (former summer student)


Trudy wouldn't take no for an answer when it came to our community's most vulnerable.

Peter Thurley


Waterloo Region has lost a true champion for social justice. Trudy Beaulne worked tireless to battle against poverty and its effects.

Trudy Stripe 3

United Way Waterloo Region Communities


Trudy was a community advocate & Role Model for citizens interested interested in creating a region that was inclusive for all.

W.T. Townshend School Parent Council


Trudy Beaulne should have received Citizen of the Year, City Builder or one of the many awards our community presents to deserving recipients! Trudy Beaulne is absolutely one of those people. How can we honour her even posthumously?

Councillor Yvonne Fernandes


Trudy had such a big heart and impact in KW. I worked with her at SPC of KW as a student and new grad; she showed me how to do good and think about people and community first, always, no matter your work.

Anne Patterson


Working with Trudy changed my understanding of how to identify and influence what's important in life. She set an example...and she's a difficult example to follow because she set such high goals for herself and had such high hopes for society. But her determination, ethics, values and intelligence,
remain as an example for all of us
John Dredger


She did so much for so many and made sure so many voices were heard. She made a big impact in our community and will be missed.

Cameron Dearlove


"Another year, another page.

A million moments melt away.

The ticking-tocking hands of time,

what's found and lost, remains sublime.

The details what we hold so fast,

are nothing more than memories past.

For love is all that lingers true,

the bond that ties my heart to you." - Jann Arden


Last week, an incredible and brilliant woman left us! Trudy was her name. Trudy, was one of my Mentors, in life. She taught me life, living and community lessons, that sent me in different paths of thinking and in life. She taught me 'What true, honest and caring beliefs can achieve. How showing complete dignity to each Human I cross within my life matters.

She was one of the strongest women, I have ever met!

Her beliefs, resilience, character and brilliance made massive impacts on the lives of those who knew her or crossed her path. This community of Kitchener, had and has now lost a truly Amazing Person, who fought daily to make this Community, the best it could be!

She created and wrote new methods of Inclusivity and Community Involvement, this City, Region, Province and Nation utilize today!

She was a ground breaker!

With the most caring of souls and heart!

I have been blessed by her presence in my life and the lessons learned!

I urge ALL who knew Trudy too remember what she believed and stood for and too renew your personal actions to continue the vital work, she diligently shared! Each in your own way.

I know, I WILL.

Thank you Trudy Beaulne

Melannie May Hog


 Our community is saddened by the loss of a truly special citizen. Trudy Beaulne will be remembered and championed by many of us who had the privilege to work alongside her. She will continue to inspire us to help each other and make the world a better place - as she did. 

Dianne Boston-Nyp


Saddened to read today in The Record of the passing of Trudy Beaulne, longtime executive director of the Social Development Centre (formerly the Social Planning Council of Kitchener-Waterloo) and a tireless advocate for the poor, the disadvantaged, and the often ignored and neglected human beings in our society. Her voice will be missed.

Bill Bean


Trudy was an inspiration to me, and many others.  She was so passionate about making the world a better place as the Executive Director of the Social Development Centre Waterloo Region.

I have no doubt our community will feel her loss for decades to come.  We will miss her dedication, wisdom and humanity; and her skill at building bridges so we can hear each other.  You can help Trudy’s important work carry on, attend their events, find out what they need, or volunteer at the Social Development Centre if you can. My heart goes out to her family & friends.Trudy’s strength and passion glows through her words and her eyes in a small video I recorded the first time I heard Trudy speak.  “Values for Change” is my own remembrance of Trudy.

Today we say goodbye.

L. Russwurm


I met Trudy three years ago and was asked to join the Social Development Centre Waterloo Region. I really had no idea what I was getting into. Having a background in the arts I didn't even have a full grasp of the issues. However, the experience not only opened my eyes but set me on a new path for my life. After a year on the Board with Trudy, I changed the course of my career and now work for Kennedy House Youth Homeless Shelter. I never would have made this decision if it weren't for Trudy.

Michelle Cutts


Sadly, Trudy Beaulne, our dear friend and colleague passed away suddenly on Friday, January 5. Not only was Trudy a force for social justice in her Waterloo Region where she headed up the Social Development Centre, but she also was a tireless leader with the Social Planning Network of Ontario for more than two decades. On behalf of the social planning and community development community across the province, the SPNO Board bids farewell to our treasured colleague and offers sincerest condolences to her family.

She will be sorely missed at our planning tables.

Social Planning Network of Ontario


Trudy made a significant contribution to social and economic justice in her community and across the province.

John Campey


Trudy dedicated her life to making the community a more inclusive,

accessible place for everyone, a truly noble goal.

Councillor Sarah Marsh


Trudy was a steadfast worker. She was devoted and dedicated to the community. She was special.

Mary Pappert


Trudy was ferocious. She was absolutely determined. She was a creative thinker and
not satisfied with political answers.

Elizabeth Clarke


We will miss you and your passion Trudy.

Laurie Strome


Trudy Beaulne worked hard at serving the most vulnerable in our city, in a beautiful relational way. She stood in the gap between those whose voices needed to be heard and the most powerful in the Region. This one photo of her being covered up by the banner is a symbol of how she lived and worked - present, but spoke for others and never took the spotlight for herself. She left quite a legacy of advocacy and justice.

Sam Kamminga


Trudy was a dedicated anti-poverty advocate and will be remembered for her work towards a Poverty Free KW.

Catherine Fife, MPP


We have lost a true friend and incredible colleague for equity and social justice in Ontario.

Yvonne Kelly


Always hard to lose a great advocate and voice for people on the edges of society. We will miss Trudy’s voice.

Deirdre Pike


Trudy was a true champion in our neighbourhood, an impassioned community builder

and a defender of the disadvantaged. 

Levi Oakey


This community lost an extraordinary individual with the start of the new year. Trudy, executive director of the SPCKW since 1999, incredible anti-poverty activist, and a force to be reckoned with in this Region. If you've accessed social services locally, you have been touched by her work. Trudy was part of WREN's founding conversations, helping build the vision of community collaboration, as well as the first iteration of our membership directory. Thank you Trudy, for helping shape our community, and leaving behind a legacy that reminds people what we can do when we work together. As the current Social Development Centre WR board put it,

your impact lives on through us all.

WR Environmental Network