Volunteer with COVID Safe Spaces Project

Take a look at the Helper Volunteer Positions (we are always interested in students who need to complete there community hours for credit as well as post secondary students looking to expand their volunteer experience), call for in-kind donations, or other contributions to the set up of LIVING Rooms across communities. 


Can you offer the use of a vehicle when we tour our LIVING room from locaiton to location and are you willing to be put on a call list for these purposes? Being called does not mean you are required to offer your vehicle or driving services everytime, it just helps us expand our capacity to serve more communities and neighbourhoods than our current capacity can afford. Do you have:

Cargo Van

As a potential volunteer do you have any of the following skills accreditations or talents?

Are you a part of or affiliated with any neighbourhoods cultural groups, civic groups or organizations that might be interested in learning more about our COVID Safe LIVING rooms. Please list:

Do have any health concerns or limitations that we should consider and accommodate when you help contribute and participate.