Waterloo All-Candidates October 22

"There were lively discussions at every table, ranging from the need for online voting to boost civic engagement, to encouraging community gardens as a venue for building stronger neighbourhoods.

Mayhew [a resident] said that it is unfortunate that community discussions like this forum only happen when there is an election around the corner. She would like to see more community discussions about social planning issues."  Waterloo Region Record By Anam Latif

Good conversations with 19 municipal candidates. 

Below you will find links to all the backgrounders and questions on the issues we offered for discussion, notes taken during conversations and closing videos of the presentations made by the candidates in response to what they heard at different tables.    

Background documents on the issues discussed with suggestions for future action and with questions we should all be trying to answer together:

Read the notes taken during round table discussions here. 

 We asked the candidates to fulfill a number of commitments once they are elected and you can see below which have signed on working for a Fair, Healthy and Resilient Region together with its residents. 

Video Presentations - Part I

Mayor candidates

00:11 Dave Jaworsky - signed the commitments

02:45 Dave MacDonald - signed the commitments

04:18 Erika Traub

06:22 Rami Said - signed the commitments

Ward 2

08:25 Hardy Willms - signed the commitments

10:29 Janice Moore - signed the commitments

Ward 3

12:20 Andrei Kovacsik - signed the commitments

Ward 5

14:24 Karam J. Yousif - signed the commitments

Ward 6

16:42 Jeff Henry - signed the commitments


Video Presentations - Part II

WR Catholic School Board Trustee

00:14 Frank Johnson - signed the commitments

Regional Councillor

01:24 Jane Mitchell

03:36 Karen Scian - signed the commitments

05:16 Sean Strickland - signed the commitments

07:36 Edwin Korschewitz - signed the commitments

Regional Chair

09:39 John Wolf - signed the commitments

11:39  Ken Seiling

13: 15 Moira-Sharon Magee - signed the commitments

15:16 Oscar Cole-Arnal - signed the commitments