Welcoming Applications for the Community Social Planning Council

Jun 25 2015

48 AGM PresentationsOn June 22, we hosted our 48th Annual General Meeting. An exciting announcement was made at this year’s AGM. We are launching a new Community Council to help provide a citizen foundation to assist SPC achieve its social development mandate. The Board is seeking 10 members to join the Board on the Council by September 2015. For more information see Community Social Planning Council Membership and Purpose and Application Form

We are expecting your applications to spckw@waterlooregion.org or by mail to
300-151 Frederick St. Kitchener ON, N2H 2M2 or fax to 519-578-9185

Take a look at our 2014 Annual Activity Report Presentation.

Board members elected for a new or renewed term are: Nathan Pike, Arlene Garrick, Brad Ullner, Michelle Cutts and Dunja Miskovic. They will be joining Illiana Pressman and Malcolm Waisman who are continuing their two year term. 

There was a great turnout to the 48th AGM and the Community Action Story presenters were received with enthusiasm and high interest. We could not have had a better introduction to our 2nd Decent Lives forum. Although we did not have much time to get into discussion, the feeling in the air was a wonderful mix of enthusiasm, insight and trust so people were connecting easily and deeply.

We sincerely appreciate the stories provided by our featured guests:

Mino Ode Kwewak N’Gamowak (Good Hearted Women Singers) who offered a smudging, played hand drums and sang traditional First Nations songs. Sharing the story of their initiative Bridging Communities Through Song, the group set the scene for a round dance and Travelling song to wrap up the evening. What a wonderful way to reach out and create community. 

Members from two of the groups supported by SPC, the Poverty Free Kitchener-Waterloo Action Group and Disabilities and Human Rights Group provided the story of how their groups formed, what they have policy issues that affect people is important and valuable to all of them. 

Crossing Borders, a group of students and recent graduates from Waterloo Collegiate provided a multi-media presentation, spoken word and songs to tell their stories as refugees (and friends who support them) who have come to Canada and the reality of that experience. We will never forget: ‘What are you?” Why not ask ‘Who are you?” or maybe even better yet …… “How are you?”. 

We have prepared a 13 minute video with parts of different presentations to share some of the exciting moments with you.